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Capture. Share. Relive memories in VR.

Capture. Share.
Relive memories in VR.


Who is Memento

Memento is a platform that redefines how you relive your favourite memories, by collecting photos and videos and turning them into a 4D, virtual reality reconstruction.

VR is the next step towards giving you access to a vivid, in-person experience.

Never miss a moment.



What we do

With our Memento VR platform, every guest can upload their photos and videos. These are then processed through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to reconstruct an event as it happened.

Users can then experience this co-created celebration in virtual reality as if they were actually there, allowing loved ones to share special moments from a different point of view. It can also be shared with those who couldn’t make it to your special day, meaning no one ever misses a moment.



Why this is awesome

Unlike traditional photography and videography where there is a single camera operator who captures a moment, Memento experiences are captured by your guests. Creating a much richer experience of your life-changing event.

The Memento experience can either be viewed by pairing your smartphone with a VR headset or can be embedded into a website as an interactive 3D video.



How does it work

On the day of your event, we’ll send a Memento expert to get a full 3D capture of the venue.

Let your guests know about the Memento VR app. We can provide you with details that can be incorporated into your invitation or wedding website. Just in case guests haven’t installed the app in time, they can still upload images or videos for up to a week after the event.

If you like, we can also integrate footage from your wedding photographer, videographer or photobooth. We’d just need to have a chat with them before the big day, to iron out the details. 

As an added service we can search hashtags and handles to aggregate content from open social media accounts. Just let us know your custom hashtag.

Follow our steps and it’s as simple as that! Start snapping and we’ll take care of the rest!

A couple of weeks later, we’ll email you a link so you can relive the action from every angle.

Remember, the more photos and videos we get, the richer the VR experience!



The tech

Medium definition:
Google Cardboard allows you to use your smartphone to view the Memento VR experience in 4D.
The cardboard can be customised and would make for a great party favour.

High definition:
Oculus Go allows you to view the Memento VR experience in high definition.
This fully integrated system comes at a higher price point, but the quality is fantastic!

Meet the team



Our partnerships

We’ve only just launched, but we’ve already captured a number of weddings as well as Pride London, the Notting Hill Carnival and the Nicopanda show at London Fashion Week.

Here are just some of our partners. You can view the events through our mobile app.


Pride London
7 July 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our day out in the sun. Witnessing over a million people celebrate all things that make us one the best cities in the world!


Notting Hill Carnival
26 – 27 August 2018

We were invited to capture the uniqueness, beauty and energy of one of London’s biggest parades – the Notting Hill Carnival.


London Fashion Week
September 2018

We were totally captivated by Nicopanda’s jaw-dropping runway show. His playful approach to streetwear kept us wanting more!



Planning a wedding?
Let us help capture your special day!


Your privacy

We take your privacy seriously.

We will not share any of your personal information with third parties. You will have full access to all photos and videos you share with us by logging into your account on our website.

You can also request us to delete any content you have shared. These will then be permanently removed from our system and will not appear in the Memento experience.